City of Bellefontaine Neighbors – 314-867-0080
City of Berkeley – 314-5424-3313
City of Beverly Hills – 314-382-6544
City of Breckenridge Hills – 314-426-1214
City of Bridgeton – 314-739-7500
City of Charlack – 314-427-4715
City of Cool Valley – 314-521-3500
City of Country Club Hills – 314-261-0845
City of Dellwood – 314-521-4341
City of Edmundson – 314-428-4577
City of Ferguson – 314-522-1122
City of Hazelwood – 314-838-5000
City of Jennings – 314-382-4672
City of Maryland Heights – 314-298-8700
City of Moline Acres – 314-868-2433
City of Northwoods – 314-385-6000
City of Overland – 314-428-1221
City of Pagedale – 314-726-1200
City of Pine Lawn – 314-261-0880
City of St. Ann – 314-428-6868
City of St. John – 314-427-8706
City of Velda City – 314-382-7004
City of Vinita Park – 314-428-7373
City of Wellston – 314-553-8010
City of Woodson Terrace – 314-427-5858
Ferguson Police Department – 314-524-5271
Florissant Police Department – 314-831-7000
St. Louis County Police Headquarters – 314-615-4260
Village of Bel-Nor – 314-381-2971
Village of Bel-Ridge – 314-429-2030
Village of Calverton Park – 314-524-1212
Village of Hillsdale – 314-381-0288
Village of Riverview – 314-868-9130
Village of Uplands Park – 314-383-2905

What Are Our Members Saying About NCI?

"North County Inc. is an invaluable partner. The organization is positively impacting the area and businesses it serves. From making meaningful business connections to tangibly assisting the community as it recovers from the 2014 civil unrest, NCI uses its collaborative nature to be a catalyst for economic and community growth."
Sheila Sweeney, Interim CEO, St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
"More than 30 years strong, NCI plays an important role as the authority on quality of life issues affecting our community. NCI is 'The Voice for North County.'"
Carolyn Marty, President, Greater North County Chamber of Commerce
"NCI plays a vital role advocating for positive growth and economic development to sustain the great quality of life in our community."
Ron McMullen, President, Christian Hospital
"We are proud to have been a member of North County Inc. for more than 20 years, and we share its vision of a viable and strong community."
Lillie Dumas, Vice President/Branch Manager, Commerce Bank
"As an advocacy organization, NCI's contribution to the region is essential in the sustainability and stability of our business and residential climate."
Nathan & Christina Bennett, Owners, Hendel’s Market Cafe & Piano Bar

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