Membership Dues

North County Inc. Annual Membership Contribution Categories & Levels

 CategoryAnnual AmountCategory DetailsOther Information
1.Banks, Credit Unions, Savings & Loans, Mortgage Companies$713Total Deposits of $0-99 Million
  $1,422Total Deposits of $99 Million and above
2.Churches, Service, Voluntary & Civic Associations$215Non-profits, Community BettermentNeighborhood associations, food pantries, mentally or physically challenged & children's programs, Rotary, Jaycees, etc.
3.Education.22 per full-time student$209 minimum
4.Governments: Municipal and County2% increase each year$371 minimumValuation for muni's and county available from St. Louis County Collectors Office. History: Previous formula was (2% + 4.229CPI for 2007 invoice, before that it was based on the assessed valuation per population) $8,000 cap until 2014
5.Hospitals$378 plus $2.87 per bed or apartmentHospitals, rehab with beds, etc.
6.Individual Members$109Residential OnlyBusiness cannot be listed if this category is chosen
7.Businesses (For employee counts of 201+ call North County Inc. at 314-895-6241)Employee CountExamples: Ind. and Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Other health clinics, major corporations, chain retail, regional/national service providers, fire and police departments, unions, developers, dealerships, manufacturers, CPAs, attorneys, doctors, real estate, insurance, financial planners, non-chain retail services, local service professionals, home-based, entrepreneur, etc.
1 to 4$215
5 to 10$368
11 to 25$384
26 to 50$398
51 to 75$453
76 to 100$493
101 to 150$551
151 to 200$630
Each year there will be a 2% increase in annual membership contributions.   There is a 3.75% convenience fee for credit card transactions. [printfriendly]

What Are Our Members Saying About NCI?

"North County Inc. is an invaluable partner. The organization is positively impacting the area and businesses it serves. From making meaningful business connections to tangibly assisting the community as it recovers from the 2014 civil unrest, NCI uses its collaborative nature to be a catalyst for economic and community growth."
Sheila Sweeney, Interim CEO, St. Louis Economic Development Partnership
"More than 30 years strong, NCI plays an important role as the authority on quality of life issues affecting our community. NCI is 'The Voice for North County.'"
Carolyn Marty, President, Greater North County Chamber of Commerce
"NCI plays a vital role advocating for positive growth and economic development to sustain the great quality of life in our community."
Ron McMullen, President, Christian Hospital
"We are proud to have been a member of North County Inc. for more than 20 years, and we share its vision of a viable and strong community."
Lillie Dumas, Vice President/Branch Manager, Commerce Bank
"As an advocacy organization, NCI's contribution to the region is essential in the sustainability and stability of our business and residential climate."
Nathan & Christina Bennett, Owners, Hendel’s Market Cafe & Piano Bar

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