Population & Demographics

In 2010, North St. Louis was home to 375,296 residents.  There are 46 municipalities in North County as well as unincorporated areas governed by St. Louis County.  North County features many vibrant and integrated communities mirroring nationwide trends in diversity. North County includes a diverse and vibrant population of foreign-born residents who account for 3.8 percent of the population.


The median age of residents is 18 years and is well under the national average of 36 years while the overwhelming majority of the population is under the age of 60 years.  There are two peaks in age distribution with one at 50-54 years and another at 15-19 years, indicating a bulge of youth that will soon be entering the labor force.


The above graph provides a breakdown of the population distribution relative to age within the North County boundaries. In recent years the population has gotten increasingly younger as new families come into the area looking for starter homes and a lower cost of living.


Median household income in North County is at $52,458 and is significantly higher than the median income of $46,262 for households in all of St. Louis County. This makes the workforce highly competitive among the St. Louis area labor force. The graph of households by income shows a normal distribution of income across the area. The households in the highest income bracket with over $100,000 of annual income account for 15% of all households.

*Data provided by Public Policy Research Center at UMSL