Population & Demographics

North St. Louis County is comprised of 45 municipalities and portions of unincorporated St. Louis County. It is home to several diverse and vibrant communities. North St. Louis County’s foreign-born residents account for 3.8 percent of the population. The entire composition of the population is representative of the diversity that makes great communities, and allows individuals to be proud to call North County their home.

The demographic composition of North St. Louis County mirrors the national trends in diversity. The median age in North St. Louis County is 36.9 compared to 40.2 in St. Louis County as a whole and 38.5 for the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Comparatively, the younger composition of North St. Louis County indicates a huge potential for businesses to utilize the younger participants in the labor force.

The majority of the population is at or below prime working age. The younger composition of North St. Louis County residents presents an opportunity for employers and residents alike. The increase in several business clusters has increased the need for employees to fill their growing employment demands. The composition of North St. Louis County residents is representative of a growing and able workforce capable of meeting the demands of current and future employers.

North St. Louis County’s high educational attainment rates are indicative of the quality of the workforce. The percentage of the adult population with a High School degree/equivalent or higher mirrors the state average. The population in North County meets or exceeds the state average in terms of educational attainment. Additionally, one third of the population holds Bachelor’s degree or higher.

Since 2010, both categories have seen an increase of three percentage points. Increases in educational attainment among North St. Louis County residents are contributing to the competitive workforce in the region. These increases suggest that North St. Louis County residents are prepared to meet the growing needs of industries that require education and training that is more advanced.

The average median household income in North St. Louis County is $45,663, which is significantly higher than St. Louis City’s household median income of $34,800. Resident’s skills, knowledge, and abilities have contributed to a highly competitive workforce with high earning potential.

Households earning $50,000 to $74,999 represent the largest category, accounting for nineteen percent of the total. Households in the highest income bracket comprise eleven percent of the population.

North County is home to a wide variety of housing stock, from brick bungalow starter homes to ranch-style homes for growing families. Executive level homes overlook the river and well-maintained and updated historical houses with unique architecture also dot the land throughout the community.

All of North St. Louis County has seen an increase in home prices in recent years. According to Zillow’s Home Value Index, homes located in the North St. Louis County area have increased in value an
average of 7.6 percent in the last year. This average includes several municipalities that have increased more than 10 percent in a single year. This increase in home value suggests that North St. Louis County is seeing an increase in attention and desirability throughout the entire area. Compared to the greater St. Louis County region and the City of St. Louis, North County offers a competitive market for homebuyers. Home values are rising; North St. Louis County presents itself as an attractive option for buyers with its close proximity to several major industrial sectors, a wide variety of amenities, and cultural attractions. In addition to its ideal location, the composition of housing stock is indicative of stable and flourishing neighborhoods.

St. Louis ranks fifth in the country for housing opportunity; the percent of homes sold that are affordable to families earning the median income in 2014. Moreover, St. Louis is ranked at 83 percent while the national average is 63 percent in terms of housing opportunity. 2 This suggests that there are more affordable homes for families in the St. Louis area, and specifically North St. Louis County. This is an opportunity for families and other buyers to buy a home that is affordable based on their income and housing cost. The affordability and quality of the area and its housing stock is becoming an attractive feature of properties in North St. Louis County. 

North St. Louis County’s owner- occupied housing rate is 62.8 percent. This is slightly lower than St. Louis County as a whole, but it significantly higher than the City of St. Louis’s rate of 44.2 percent. High rates of homeownership are indicative of strong and healthy neighborhoods and communities. Additionally, there has been growth in the
percentage of housing stock that are single family units. These factors are just a few of the qualities that make North St. Louis County a great place to live.

Location affordability is a combination of housing and transportation costs as a percentage of income based on family’s median household income. A lower location affordability percentage is indicative of lower costs of housing and transportation in relation to income. North St. Louis County is more affordable, in terms of transportation and housing, than St. Louis County as a whole.

Although the entire St. Louis region’s transportation costs are relatively high as a percentage of a family’s income, North St. Louis County has a lower transportation cost than the rest of St. Louis County. Lower transportation costs are likely the result of easy access to public transportation and more service routes in the area.

Much of North St. Louis County is a more affordable place to live than other sections of St. Louis County. North St. Louis County benefits from the connection with St. Louis City and the accessibility of public transit routes that connect the two.