North County Transportation

The St. Louis region is one of the best locations in the Unites States in terms of offering the four major modes of transportation: air, rail, roads and water. North County’s strategic location at the north/south and east/west nexus of the Interstate Highway System makes the region very attractive for shipping purposes and navigational ease. Businesses find it easy to get the supplies they need and ship their end products to consumers throughout the country from this region. The availability of so many transportation options provides the community with some of the lowest shipping costs in the Country.

North County has the good fortune of being minutes from downtown St. Louis, St. Charles County, West St. Louis County and downtown Clayton. Earth City and the 370 Business Park also located in North County are easily accessible thanks to the many major interstates and highways that dissect the community along with mass transit. The average travel time to work for North County residents matches average commute time of 24 minutes for the entire St. Louis region.

Area leaders realize the importance of having a well-maintained transportation infrastructure and are continually working to secure funding to maintain the existing roads and expand as development demands.

The majority of North St. Louis County residents drive alone to commute to work. The average commute time is 24 minutes, which is comparable to the entire County’s 23.5 minute average. The convergence of several interstate highways makes travel easier for residents. Transit options, by car or public transportation, make it easy to commute for jobs or pleasure. Compared to other areas in the region, North St. Louis County residents’ commutes are at or below average in duration.

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