North County Incorporated has been serving the region since 1977


By connecting people, ideas and resources, NCI is a catalyst for the sustainability and betterment of the area.

Serving North County for over 30 years

Serving North County for over 30 years

North County Incorporated (NCI) was founded in 1977 and represents the 47 municipalities and unincorporated area in North St. Louis County. As an economic and community development advocacy organization serving North County, we focus on economic development, education, healthcare, infrastructure and transportation needs. NCI markets the area as a truly great place to live, work, shop, worship, and learn as we actively work to enhance the residential and business climate.

There are 375,000 people residing in North County. Successful businesses of all sizes, chambers of commerce, neighborhood associations, individual professionals, residents, churches, hospitals, schools, law enforcement agencies and a variety of other institutions make up our membership.

As an advocate for North St. Louis County, NCI is connecting our community, municipal and business leaders to collaboratively work toward positive growth, economic development (commercial and housing), and marketing to sustain our great quality of life. North County Incorporated is a 501(c) 6 and North County Regional Development Association is our 501 (c) 3.

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"More than 30 years strong, NCI plays an important role as the authority on quality of life issues affecting our community. NCI is 'The Voice for North County.'"

- Carolyn Marty, President, Greater North County Chamber of Commerce

"NCI is a true asset to the municipalities and unincorporated area. They are helping bring positive change and attention to North St. Louis County."

- Denny Coleman, CEcD, FM, CEO, St. Louis County Economic Development Partnership

"Since joining NCI, The Bridge At Florissant has grown 15%.  We believe it is because of organizations like NCI that we are succeeding. NCI is truly the Voice of North County.  We look forward to our continued partnership and participation with this wonderful organization."

- Venus Martz,  Community Relations Manager, The Bridge at Florissant

"NCI plays a vital role advocating for positive growth and economic development to sustain the great quality of life in our community."

- Ron McMullen
President, Christian Hospital

"We are proud to have been a member of North County Inc. for more than 20 years, and we share its vision of a viable and strong community."

- Lillie Dumas, Vice President/Branch Manager, Commerce Bank

"As an advocacy organization, NCI's contribution to the region is essential in the sustainability and stability of our business and residential climate."

- Nathan & Christina Bennett, Owners, Hendel's Market Cafe & Piano Bar

"In today's economy the connections you make are the foundation of your professional life.  North County Inc. has a great history of bringing people together to help them make those long-lasting and successful connections.  We are proud of the work NCI is doing to strengthen St. Louis County."

- Denny Coleman, CEcD, FM, CEO
St. Louis County Economic Development Partnership

"As the strong voice of North County, NCI's focus is to bring all the leaders of the community together to accomplish extraordinary things.  They do an amazing job focusing on those who are advancing the area.  They collaborate with community leaders to keep North County strong and viable."

- Justin Naber, Director of Business Development, Fred Weber Inc.

"NCI works endlessly to improve the quality of life, business, education, healthcare and transportation in North County.  They do a remarkable job.  As a member, we are supporting positive growth, development and marketing of our community."

- Bob Cerame, President, Cerame Auto Group

"We support North County Inc. because it is the strong advocate for our community, focusing not only on economic development but on the issues and opportunities facing residents and businesses alike."

- Dr. Marcia Pfeiffer, President, St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley