About NCI

Dr. Elizabeth Gassel Perkins
Campus President & CCAO, St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley
NCI Executive Board Member

Commitment. Collaboration. Connection.

Where we started.

North County Incorporated (NCI) collaborates with local businesses, civic and community organizations, residents, and governments to advocate for a vibrant and prosperous North St. Louis County. Since 1977, NCI has represented the 45 municipalities and unincorporated areas that make up North County. By connecting people, ideas, and resources, we are dedicated to creating positive change in North St. Louis County and working collaboratively towards common goals.

As a voice for the region, we focus our efforts on foundational pillars that sustain our region’s growth. The result is a more equitable region where people are connected to opportunity and can enjoy an excellent quality of life.


Regional initiatives support long-term growth.

Where we are going.

With an eye on the future and through the lens of equity, we actively work to enhance the residential and business climate of the area and create a more prosperous community. We build collaborative partnerships and draw attention to regional initiatives, focusing on economic and community development, education, marketing, transportation and infrastructure, and healthcare. As a unified voice on these issues, we have advocated for the following: 

  • Equitable public education
  • Appropriate state funding for early childhood education, public schools and higher education
  • Policies to stimulate job growth, workforce, and business development
  • Additional programs to assist small businesses
  • Increased Medicaid funding and protection of the healthcare safety net
  • Increased access to quality, close-to-home healthcare
  • Solutions to support the maintenance of roads and public transportation services
  • Appropriate funding for local governments to support public infrastructure needs

Through our advocacy work over the years, we have seen the impact on North County and the St. Louis region. Our collaborative efforts are helping create a more vibrant North St. Louis County community where all businesses, people, and families can thrive.

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The True North Community

The North St. Louis County region is located along the curves of the Missouri River, just west of its confluence with the Mississippi. It wraps around Lambert St. Louis International Airport, skirting the northern city limits of St. Louis.

Within our borders, you will find:

  • 200 square miles of space, offering various settings from urban to rural farmland and conservation districts and everything in between
  • Over 368,000 residents
  • 9,000 successful businesses of all sizes
  • 150,000 jobs
  • 45 local governments and several unincorporated St. Louis County communities
  • 2 chambers of commerce
  • 150+ churches
  • 2 major hospitals, along with several public health clinics and more than 75 neighborhood health providers
  • 7 school districts and several private K-12 options, alongside the University of Missouri-St. Louis and St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley
  • 125,800 homes
Groundbreaking event at St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley.

Members Help Advance Our Mission

NCI is a regional development organization that acts as a catalyst to define and advocate economic and community development for North St. Louis County.

We have a dedicated membership of organizations and leaders committed to our mission. Volunteering their time and talents, NCI members support our work by serving on one or more committees, participating in and attending events, and much more. By connecting people, ideas, and resources, we work alongside our members and regional partners for the equitable growth and sustainability of North St. Louis County.

NCI is an impactful partner for North County and the whole St. Louis Region. They make meaningful business connections and work hard for businesses in the community. They are a catalyst for economic and community growth and help sustain and improve our business climate.
Rodney Crim

Meet Our Team

Rebecca Zoll


Evan Maxwell

Special Project & Membership Manager

Alex Givens

Communication & Office Assistant

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An executive board and board of directors govern the organization.
North County Incorporated is a 501(c)6, and North County Regional Development Association is our 501(c)3.