2014 Legislative Agenda

Economic Development

Economic Development Economic Development Tax Credits We support the protection of proven, performance-based tax credits that leverage private investment and stimulate employment and economic growth for our region, provide a positive return on investment, and allow us to be competitive with other regions. We oppose efforts to

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Education Early Childhood Education We support policies that expand access to high quality early childhood education programs, especially for at-risk children. We support a statewide quality rating system for early childhood programs. Primary & Secondary Funding We support the Missouri’s Vision project that calls for Missouri’s schools

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Healthcare Funding We support the State working to retain as much federal tax paid by Missouri employers and employees as possible. We support the State support Medicaid Eligibility Reform. Missouri’s choice to maximize coverage to those newly eligible would result in an estimated return of $8.4 billion

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Transportation Funding We support adequate Missouri transportation funding and a formula that reflects the economic strength and development needs of the St. Louis region and encourages the consideration of economic development and job creation impact when funding future projects. We support the emphasis on maintenance of existing

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General Issues

General Issues Predatory Lending & Payday Loan Operations We support legislation that would impose stricter regulations, with penalties, on lenders who engage in unfair and deceptive lending practices. We support legislation establishing that the Missouri Attorney General should have increased responsibility to investigate and take legal action against

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