Economic Development

Economic Development

Economic Development Tax Credits

We support the protection of proven, performance-based tax credits that leverage private investment and stimulate employment and economic growth for our region, provide a positive return on investment, and allow us to be competitive with other regions.

We oppose efforts to reduce the effectiveness of proven tax credit programs, including subjecting them to the annual appropriations process.

We support updating Missouri’s tax credit system to ensure that state resources are used effectively and efficiently and encourage companies to invest and reinvest in Missouri.

Job Training

We support continued funding for job training and workforce development to help attract new businesses and the expansion of existing businesses of all sizes.

Business Climate

We support the State reviewing and improving on existing laws that support business growth and job creation. These actions can strengthen the business climate in our State without creating additional State government expenses. We believe that when businesses are free from unnecessary regulatory burdens, they are much more likely to grow and create jobs.

We support measures to ensure stability and reasonableness of unemployment insurance and ensure that workers terminated for violations of state or federal law do not receive unemployment benefits.

Small Business and Entrepreneurial Growth

We support policies that stimulate an entrepreneurial culture and enhance the growth of small businesses.

We support assistance to small businesses with high growth and job creation potential, including mentoring, low-interest loans, matching funds, grants, and expansion capital.


We support initiatives to spur redevelopment efforts in economically distressed areas, such as tax credits for brownfield cleanup.

We support meaningful liability reform for brownfield sites to encourage their turnover to a productive use.

Sustainable Development

We support legislation that creates regional solutions and partnerships to improve neighborhoods in downward transition.

We support legislation that provides for a rebuilding and conservation of assets, while guarding against policies that cannibalize St. Louis County, and imprudently use taxes to unnecessarily develop large areas that cause conflict with the sustainability of already established communities.

Logistics and Distribution

We support incentives and funding to enhance the region’s logistics, distribution, and transportation infrastructure capabilities, with an emphasis on international cargo and global competitiveness, including the State’s efforts in securing the International Cargo Hub at Lambert International Airport.

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