General Issues

General Issues

Predatory Lending & Payday Loan Operations

We support legislation that would impose stricter regulations, with penalties, on lenders who engage in unfair and deceptive lending practices. We support legislation establishing that the Missouri Attorney General should have increased responsibility to investigate and take legal action against predatory lenders, such as payday and title loan companies. In addition, legislation should allow cities to impose limits on the number of payday loan companies or, if desired by the community, to ban these operations entirely.

Tax Structure Review and Taxation for Local Governments

We support a tax structure review due to structural deficits caused by an out-of-date revenue system.  Missouri’s capacity to fund services is out of balance because the revenue system has not been modified for decades in what it taxes and how it taxes.  We support maintaining the existing sales tax authority in the statutes.  Extending the authority for sales taxes to other government entities will lead to a very high sales tax rate.  The legislature should maintain the clear delineation that sales taxes should be primarily maintained as a municipal revenue source and should oppose further incursions by other taxing entities that currently use other types of taxes.

Internet Sales Tax

We support legislative efforts to level the playing field for all retailers and require all companies selling on the internet to Missouri residents to collect Missouri Sales Taxes and remit them to the State. The United States Supreme Court has determined not to overrule the collection of sales taxes on internet sales.

Revision of Term Limits for State Legislators

We support that a legislator be limited to 16 years in the Legislature with no limits as to which house they serve in.


We call for all legislation to clearly define expected measurable outcomes and accountability measures with built in oversight and transparency.

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