Membership Dues

North County Inc. Annual Membership Contribution Categories & Levels

CategoryAnnual AmountCategory DetailsOther Information
1.Banks, Credit Unions, Savings & Loans, Mortgage Companies$772Total Deposits of $0-99 Million
  $1,539Total Deposits of $99 Million and above
2.Churches, Service, Voluntary & Civic Associations$233Small Non-profits, Community BettermentNeighborhood assoc., food pantries, mentally or physically challenged & children’s programs, Rotary, Jaycees, etc.
3.Education.24 per full-time student$230 minimum
4.Governments: Municipal and CountyVaries per size$410 minimumValuation for muni's and county available from St. Louis County Collectors Office. History: Previous formula was (2% + 4.229CPI for 2007 invoice, before that it was based on the assessed valuation per population) $8,000 cap until 2014
5.Hospitals$410 plus $3.15 per bed or apartmentHospitals, rehab with beds, etc.
6.Individual Members$118Residential OnlyBusiness cannot be listed if this category is chosen
7.Businesses & Larger Civic Organizations (For employee counts of 201+ call North County Inc. at 314-895-6241)Employee CountExamples: Ind. and Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Other health clinics, major corporations, chain retail, regional/national service providers, fire and police departments, unions, developers, dealerships, manufacturers, CPAs, attorneys, doctors, real estate, insurance, financial planners, non-chain retail services, local service professionals, home-based, entrepreneur, etc.
1 to 4$233
5 to 10$399
11 to 25$415
26 to 50$431
51 to 75$490
76 to 100$533
101 to 150$596
151 to 200$682

Each year there will be a 2% increase in annual membership contributions.   There is a 3.75% convenience fee for credit card transactions.




North County Incorporated

8225 Florissant Rd., Suite 11
St. Louis, MO 63121
phone: (314) 895-6241


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