President’s Round Table

President’s Round Table

Designed to bring major North County Inc. partners a unique opportunity to interact with top ranking executives who desire peer-to-peer networking, building relationships with other top ranking executives and connecting to the inner workings of the North St. Louis County community. As a partner in the President’s Round Table, you have the opportunity to participate in initiatives with other local business and community leaders that make a positive impact in North St. Louis County.


Exclusive membership in the President’s Round Table is available to Premium and Platinum members of North County Inc.

Guiding Principles

The President’s Round Table believes in North County Inc.’s advocacy for a strong economy with a sustainable business environment, competitive educational system, access to quality health care and flourishing neighbor- hoods. As a partner, your financial contributions, committee volunteerism, leadership and advocacy support are all integral to the success of North St. Louis County and North County Inc.


The President’s Round Table is offered to top executives that are leading North St. Louis County businesses or communities. Each partner should meet several, or all, of the following requirements:

  • Represent a progressive and successful company/organization that creates value to the business community
  • Represent a variety of industries and backgrounds within the region
  • Has a desire to work in a collaborative manner with other business and civic organization to build and strengthen North St. Louis County


In addition to all the benefits you receive from your general membership, as a partner in the President’s Round Table, you will:

  • Be invited to the President’s Round Table quarterly meetings with North County Inc.’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Rebecca Zoll. During the meetings, you will have the opportunity to discuss current issues within your industry, issues for the region and the North County community and receive an update on North County Inc. initiatives
  • Work with other partners to identify and support initiatives that can help unify North St. Louis County to tackle topics for improvement and address community issues in the priority areas of economic development, education, healthcare, transportation and infrastructure, and asset awareness for North St. Louis County
  • Have opportunities to build relationships with the top executives of small, medium and large companies and the broad base of influential leaders in North St. Louis County
  • Your company/organization’s logo placement in our monthly eNewsletter and our annual newsletter Special recognition at events






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