We support the State working to retain as much federal tax paid by Missouri employers and employees as possible. We support the State support Medicaid Eligibility Reform. Missouri’s choice to maximize coverage to those newly eligible would result in an estimated return of $8.4 billion in Federal funds to the State through 2021. These are funds that Missouri employers and workers have contributed with their Federal taxes. Failure on the part of the State to take advantage of this Federal investment increases the likelihood of potential liability by the State’s employers for increased taxes imposed by the ACA and the continued cost shifting of health care premiums now paid by Missouri employers to cover the cost to providers of the uninsured.

We support adequate funding of state health care programs and enhanced use of available federal funds to reduce the number of under and uninsured.

We support full, affordable and comprehensive access to health insurance, as well as informed choice of doctors, hospitals and insurance plans. We oppose health insurance mandates that undermine the ability of employers to provide high-quality health insurance at a reasonable cost.

We support adequate and timely Medicaid reimbursement to providers.

We support renewal of the Federal Reimbursement Allowance (FRA).  The FRA is the third largest revenue generator in the state of Missouri exceeded only by individual income taxes and sales and use taxes.

We continue to urge Congress and the State of Missouri to support the Federal Reimbursement Allowance Program to its fullest extent on behalf of the citizens of Missouri.

The FRA, which is itself supported by hospitals and other health care providers, is used to fund medical care under the MOHealthNet program.  In the absence of the FRA, medical services under the MOHealthNet program would be significantly reduced.


We support certificate of need regulations that ensure a level-playing field between hospital and specialty providers.

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