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Contact: Rodney 


Title: Founder

Phone: 618-610-7930

Who We Are:

Soulcraft: an activity that is both fruitful and fulfilling

At the Soulcraft woodshop in Ferguson, we enjoy and are drawn into something greater than ourselves through craftmanship. As we make things, we learn to make ourselves useful and to bring good to those around us. We’re not just making things, we’re in many ways being remade as we do.

Every new maker who comes into the woodshop will work on four projects.

One to Give
They will be asked to give their first project away to someone when it’s completed. Soulcraft Makers seek first to bring good to those around them.

One to Keep
They will make something to keep. The desires of a Soulcraft Maker aren’t inherently selfish when the things they desire are conformed to a heart that desires ultimate good.

One to Sell
They will learn to design, build, and sell what they make during this project. Soulcraft Makers make things of value that are useful and good for others.

One to Help
Our makers will invite someone they know into the woodshop and help them make their first project. Soulcraft Makers stand alongside others so they too can enjoy the good we all desire.