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St. Louis County Fire Academy, Inc

St. Louis County Fire Academy, Inc.

Contact: Betty 


Title: Administrative Assistant

1266 Sutter Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63133

Phone: 314-889-8670

Who We Are:

St. Louis County Fire Academy is an educational institution dedicated to providing the highest quality, cutting-edge training to firefighter recruits wanting a career as a firefighter.  St. Louis County Fire Academy’s dual certification allows graduates to work nearly anywhere in the State of Missouri.  Training is accomplished through a combination of classroom instruction, practical evolutions, and physical fitness. Practical evolutions include forcible door entry, car fires, propane fires, ladder deployment, vehicle rescues, wildland fires, and structural firefighting in our state-of-the-art burn training tower. Graduates from St. Louis County are trained to the industry’s and the area’s newest standards and are fully prepared to serve and protect the many communities within St. Louis County.