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The Greenhouse Communication Initiative, Inc. has brought its slogan, Speak.Listen.Grow. to life with effective programs focusing on improving and developing the writing, communication, research, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills of our clients. The GCI’s programs have cultivated and trained successful community leaders, college instructors, incarcerated youth, national speech and debate champions, artists, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, administrators, outstanding employees, and hopeful citizens. With decades of experience, our staff has worked diligently to refine the quality and outcomes of our best practice programs, improving partnerships with organizations that believe in a shared vision based on equitable relationships that lead to outstanding outcomes for everyone.

The GCI’s Core Values are Opportunity, Justice, Community, Understanding, Partnerships, and Service. Guided by our values and moral imperatives, we envision a world where equitable education is universal, and the academic, professional, and everyday life skills offered by
institutions and communities can be utilized to create a judicious and progressive world rich with opportunity for all people. Join us in this experience, one word at a time.

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