North County Incorporated supports the transferring of Westlake Landfill oversight to FUSRAP

The North County Incorporated (NCI) Board of Directors is in support of the transfer of jurisdiction oversight of the West Lake Landfill to the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program (FUSRAP).

Transferring the jurisdiction oversight to FUSRAP will allow experts in this area to assess the site, provide action plans for the containment or remediation, and long-term management of the site.

“We believe that FUSRAP would be able to determine the safest and most appropriate containment measures for the radioactive materials found within the West Lake Landfill and then subsequently manage containment appropriately and in the best interest of the residents and the business community,” said Rebecca Zoll, NCI President/CEO.

We base our request to transfer jurisdiction to the FUSRAP program on the following key points:

  1. All other radioactive contaminated sites in the St. Louis Metro Area are contained within the FUSRAP program.
  2. The unknown level of contamination to the area now under consideration.
  3. Conflicting information on the extent of contamination based on data that is over fifty years old.
  4. Lack of technical expertise to address the assessment of the radioactive site, with ability to remediate and manage the site for long-term safety to the public.



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