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A True Commitment to the Communities of North St. Louis County

Since 1977, North County Incorporated (NCI) has championed the growth of North St. Louis County. We collaborate with local businesses, community leaders, educational institutions, not-for-profit organizations, and governments to advocate for initiatives that strengthen our home. By connecting people, ideas, and resources, NCI fosters true community partnerships to build a stronger True North.

Groundbreaking event at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

True Opportunities

NCI believes there are five key pillars to propelling growth in North St. Louis County in the twenty-first century.

A Strong Local Economy

Thriving businesses create win-win opportunities for the entire North St. Louis County region. Growth and prosperity create sustainable jobs, opportunities for innovation and investment, and tax revenue that build the infrastructure for tomorrow’s development.

Innovative Education

In a true community, the most important generation is the next one. Inspiring and innovative education is the cornerstone of economic and community strength. NCI supports the K-12 and higher education institutions that help build the next generation of our local workforce and attract families to the region.

Building for the Future

A prosperous community needs strong, reliable infrastructure to support sustainable growth. From strong and efficient roadways to necessities like power, water, and broadband, NCI is committed to ensuring the entire county has the vital resources and services it needs to unlock its full economic potential. 

Quality Healthcare

A healthy community is only possible with healthy people. Access to high-quality healthcare is a crucial component for improving the quality of life in the region. NCI works with our partners to ensure investment in community health initiatives to bolster the workforce, advance equity, and foster community resiliency.

True North Identity

Dr. Kristin Sobolik
Chancellor, University of Missouri-St. Louis
NCI Member

A multi-faceted approach around targeted initiatives will improve the residential and commercial life of North St. Louis County.

North St. Louis County strives to be a leader in the region, the state, and the country. NCI plays a vital role in sharing the story of our True Community in North St. Louis County. As our reputation as a leader in economic opportunity for businesses and families grows, we’ll have the opportunity to welcome new employers and residents to the region. We share our story to help others find their True North.

Founded in 1977, NCI continues to work hard in being an advocate for North St. Louis County. I applaud all that they do and thank NCI for their continuous commitment and dedication to improve the quality of life for all.
Mayor Tim Lowery
City of Florissant

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