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Targeted Initiatives that Support North St. Louis County

North County Incorporated (NCI) is a powerful, unified voice for North County. As a platform for a much greater, unified cause, we work alongside local businesses, organizations, and residents to make positive change happen through advocacy work and community initiatives. NCI connects people, ideas, and resources, enhancing our collaborative efforts to achieve common goals.

A strong community has many characteristics, each essential in building a stronger region. That’s why we’ve focused our initiatives around the following critical pillars in our community’s foundation:

  • Economic and Community Development
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing
  • Transportations and Infrastructure

Our targeted initiatives within these categories support North St. Louis County businesses, organizations, employees, and individuals and families who call North County home. Also, we believe in focusing on work that has long-term results, is sustainable, and contributes to the stability and success of the greater St. Louis region as a whole. Since our founding, we’ve been working to build a stronger region and make our community a place where everyone can thrive.

Dr. Elizabeth Gassel Perkins
Campus President & CCAO, St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley
NCI Executive Board Member

Why Our Work Matters

North County Incorporated's (NCI) 2023 Annual Leadership Breakfast.
2023 Annual Leadership Breakfast.

Economic & Community Development

NCI’s mission is to make the North St. Louis County community a better place to live and work. By focusing on economic development, we invest in the local economy and improve the quality of life for all North St. Louis County residents. Our economic development initiatives include job training and workforce development, employment opportunities, community redevelopment, small business and entrepreneurial growth, and disaster relief.

Did you know that eighty percent of companies in North County are small businesses? To help increase communication and connectivity with small businesses throughout the North County area, NCI is developing a Small Business Navigator program (think, case manager for the small business) with our local municipalities and regional partners.

Recent Work: Small Business Navigator | Equity Connect

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Dr. Kristin Sobolik
Chancellor, University of Missouri-St. Louis
NCI Member


Education is the cornerstone of economic development. By partnering with local school districts, higher education, and private educational institutions, we help strengthen workforce development, advocate for adequate funding, and promote the positive achievements of students in the North St. Louis County community. Also, our initiatives support early childhood education, primary and secondary education, mental health in education, STEM, and higher education.

Recent Work: Career Exploration Camp

See: Policy Advocacy | Accomplishments

Ribbon cutting at the Emerson YMCA.


Healthcare is essential to economic development and the well-being of the community, and NCI supports expanding access to quality care in North St. Louis County. We work with local stakeholders to provide quality, close-to-home healthcare that meets the community’s changing healthcare needs. Also, NCI initiatives support affordable and comprehensive access to health insurance and the informed choice of doctors, hospitals, and insurance plans.

Currently, NCI is building out a collaboration of stakeholders to develop an initiative to determine services, gaps, and ways to improve communication and connectivity between existing services and people needing mental/behavioral health assistance.

Recent Work: Behavioral Health and Mental Health Resource Advocacy

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Our marketing efforts help promote economic growth and development in the North St. Louis County community. To boost the image of the County, NCI markets, advertises, and generates publicity for the good things happening in the area and its many benefits. Through our website, social media platforms, and monthly email newsletter, we highlight the accomplishments of local businesses and residents, share news, and promote community events and attractions.

Recent Work: True North Awareness Campaign | Digital Marketing Activities

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Ceremony celebrating the completion of the I-270 North project.
The MoDOT's I-270 team did a great job keeping this project on track, even during COVID. NCI thanks them for their hard work and focus to bring this project in on time and on budget.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Investments in transportation and infrastructure encourage economic development, create jobs, and connect people to where they live and work. We advocate for equitable transportation and infrastructure funding and emphasize maintaining existing North St. Louis County infrastructure. Our transportation and infrastructure efforts include transit funding, public safety, tax structure review, land use, planning and zoning, and auto sales tax collection.

Recent Work: I-270 Advocacy Initiative

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Community Crisis Response

At NCI, we are a resource for the unexpected needs of our community when disasters and crises happen. Because these events can leave long-lasting consequences on the North St. Louis County region, NCI is quick to pivot and plays a vital role in helping businesses, our community, and the people who live and work here recover. Some of our initiatives include connecting companies and people with government resources, partnering with other local organizations for social service resources, and much more.

See: Policy Advocacy | Accomplishments

North County Inc. serves as the regional economic development agency for the North St. Louis County area. It acts as an advocate for Hazelwood and other North County communities that may not have the resources to promote their own assets to prospective developers and interest more businesses in choosing North County as their corporate base. NCI also offers assistance to the small business sector by providing seminars and training to help stimulate economic growth.
Mayor Matt Robinson

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