Career Exploration Camp

Guiding High School Students Towards Future Success

NCI and St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley are partnering to implement a Career Exploration Camp, a 4-day program aimed at working with high school sophomores who have not yet decided on a career path. Through the Career Exploration Camp, students will engage with college and career professionals in a hands-on experience designed to introduce them to potential career paths, as well as help them to develop a high school course plan to ensure that they are prepared to advance into their future major or training program that their chosen career will require them to have upon graduation. There will also be a financial literacy component to increase the understanding of the realistic costs of different higher education and training opportunities as well as the importance of money management. Students will do additional research on their pathways of choice and use this, along with the information they learned through this exploratory process, to put together a vision board outlining their plans.

Goals of the program:

  • Improve students’ understanding of different career options and what it takes to advance into their choice of careers.
  • Increase the success of students advancing through high school with a plan to let them get into college or other training programs that will lead to employment within their chosen career.
  • Build confidence within students that they have a future within the workforce that will lead to a good quality of life.
  • Increase knowledge of financial literacy basics.

The outcome will be an increased number of students with the knowledge needed to advance through their high school experience in a way that will lead them to successfully advance into the career of their choice.