Behavioral and Mental Health Resource Advocacy

Helping to Decrease the Escalating Mental/Behavioral Health Crisis

Mental/behavioral health is a key concern for our Country and the North St. Louis County area, and indicators show that this crisis is growing. There is an overall belief among many stakeholders and residents that behavioral health facilities and resources for addressing the mental health concerns that we face do not exist in our community or are not easy for our residents to access.

Through NCI’s Behavioral and Mental Resource Advocacy work, our goals are to:

  • Engage with regional providers in the behavioral/mental health space and advocate for increased collaboration and communication among current providers.
  • Increase awareness about available resources and how others can easily access them.
  • Advocate for the system policy changes needed to increase access and decrease existing service gaps.

The outcome will be improved knowledge of services currently available, how to access resources more effectively, and helping to decrease the escalating mental/behavioral health crisis occurring throughout the community.