Small Business Navigator

Building a Resilient, Growth-Oriented, and Equitable Business Climate

The gap in services offered and getting those resources into the hands of our smaller businesses in the community could not have been more evident than what was encountered during the pandemic. When it comes to effectively communicating the availability of resources and opportunities to small businesses and connecting them with the opportunities they need most, when they need them, is challenging.

NCI addresses this issue through our Small Business Navigator initiative, which aims to fortify existing support structures through collaboration across organizations and municipalities. The main objective is to provide an individualized partnership to businesses by connecting them with a “navigator” knowledgeable about the resources and opportunities available to small businesses in our region. 

This work will:

  • Expand access to resources and opportunities for small businesses by helping them navigate the landscape successfully.
  • Build trust and deeper relationships between stakeholders.
  • Build recognition in the community of trusted information sources so businesses know where to look for assistance when they need it.

The outcome will be a more resilient, growth-oriented, and equitable business climate.