True North Asset Awareness Campaign

Increasing Region Awareness and Community Pride

True North is the authentic story of the many diverse communities and people that make up the northern part of the St. Louis metro region. Being authentic means acknowledging our struggles, embracing our diversity, celebrating our successes, and investing in the future.

Our goal is to share True North as a catalyst for growth and development in North County. True North is all about the people, places, and progress that make North County such a great community to live, work, and play. North County Inc. is proud to be the driving force behind such a powerful initiative, but True North needs your help to be successful. Your support will look like this:

  • Sharing your stories with us
  • Finding ways to incorporate the campaign into your branding
  • Telling friends and family about the campaign
  • Donating

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The outcome of this marketing campaign will increase the knowledge of the many great aspects of living, working, and investing in the North St. Louis County community.