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Our Impact Has Reach Across North County

North County Incorporated (NCI) has served the North St. Louis County community for more than 47 years as a not-for-profit economic and community development advocacy organization. Our work supports policies and initiatives that foster positive economic growth, connect people to opportunity, and ensure a more equitable region. The impact of our efforts is a stronger North St. Louis County where everyone can thrive.

NCI provides a platform where business, civic, and community leaders in North County connect, convene, and collaborate toward sustainable change and prosperous growth for all who live and work here.

Our collective efforts are focused on economic and community development, education, healthcare, marketing, and transportation and infrastructure. With advancement in these areas, North St. Louis County will equitably grow economically viable business and residential communities, attract top talent, increase educational attainment, and sustain a beneficial quality of life for all.

Looking at the results of our years of advocacy work and projects, we share pride with our community that our accomplishments have directly impacted the lives of those who live and work in North St. Louis County.

Dr. Elizabeth Gassel Perkins
Campus President & CCAO, St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley
NCI Executive Board Member

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Highlights of Our Impact

Economic & Community Development

  • Continued facilitating our two Collaborative Conversation Cohorts: The Economic Development Professionals (CCEDP) and the Mayor’s Cohorts. The CCEDP cohort collaborates on initiatives to address the needs of small businesses in the community and gaps that exist between community partners and resources. Our Mayor’s Cohort (area mayors and St. Louis Co. council members) work together to address community concerns.
  • Developed policy agenda around business, workforce, investment, education, healthcare, public safety, and services that, through collaborative advocacy, will advance the quality of life for all who live in North County, improve the business climate, and encourage investment.
  • Connected more than 300 small businesses to needed resources by developing business retention, attraction, and sustainability measures. This included hosting training workshops, such as “Building Blocks for Growing Your Business” with the help of St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley, the Big Idea for North County businesses, and Small Business Accelerator classes with the University of Missouri-St. Louis and the Small Business Development Center, an outcome of our Collaborative Conversations Economic Development.
  • Produced and distributed several comprehensive economic development profiles for North County.
  • Developed and hosted an educational initiative on the economic benefits of racial equity for cultural change in the workplace.
  • Served on more than 20 community advisory groups for regional strategic planning, use of state and regional funding, and community engagement for public services with organizations like the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, Regional Response Team, local hospitals, education providers, municipalities, St. Louis County, Metro, and MoDOT.

Lorenzo Boyd
Managing Director-Public Finance, Stifel
NCI Executive Board Member


  • Advocated for equitable public education and increased funding for early childhood education.
  • Supported legislation increasing funding for after-school programs, expanding the investment in higher education, and restoring the funding for the Parents as Teachers program.
  • Increased awareness of public and private school accomplishments and fundraisers through monthly newsletters and social media.
  • Encouraged appropriate full State funding of the foundation formula for public schools, higher education, and workforce development.
  • Supported many local school bond issues that have led to increased capacity, safer schools, and advanced learning opportunities for our future workforce.

Jim Usry
Fire Chief, Pattonville Fire District


  • Hosted the State of Healthcare in North County luncheon to increase awareness around access to quality healthcare, what services North County has to offer, and what is impacting these service providers, along with what initiatives they have prioritized to ensure equitable healthcare experiences for employees and clients.
  • Began an initiative to advocate for increased mental and behavioral healthcare services. With the assistance of a University of Missouri-St. Louis Coro Fellow and FOCUS St. Louis’s Emerging Leaders interviews were conducted with over 50 individuals, including mental health providers, first responders, and other organizations working in this space. A report now details the findings and outlines additional collaborative actions that NCI members can begin to work together on in order to help address this crisis in the community.
  • Advocated for increasing funding for Medicaid, continuing mandating certificates of need, and funding the safety net and mental health programs appropriately.
  • Promoted healthcare assets through quality care close to home and the use of local healthcare providers through marketing and educational awareness initiatives.
  • Assisted Christian Hospital and SSM Health DePaul Hospital in increasing the capacity of their Community Health Access Programs by working with a local donor to obtain a grant to financially support increased efforts to improve connections to wrap-around social services and care for low-income residents.
  • Worked closely with community stakeholders on key issues, such as service realignments, trauma care, and out-migration concerns, through educating area leaders and residents on these issues and impacts.

Rick Stevens
President, Christian Hospital
NCI Executive Board Member


  • Invested in and advanced True North, a long-term community-wide marketing campaign to rebrand North County by increasing awareness around positive assets, celebrating advancement, and improving the perception of the community.
  • Celebrated exceptional accomplishments of community stakeholders improving North County at our Annual Leadership Breakfast.
  • Celebrated the Organization’s 46 years of service at networking event Uncorked Roast & Toast Dinner, Wine Pairing, and Auction.
  • Hosted NCI’s Annual Golf Tournament to help raise funds for NCI advocacy and advancement initiatives.
  • Hosted the State of North County Luncheon, designed to increase awareness and understanding of opportunities, concerns, and work around accessibility and equitability of healthcare, economic development, education, and other providers in the area.
  • Provided marketing showcasing area assets.
  • Increased positive awareness by promoting hundreds of member events and accomplishments via monthly digital messaging.
  • Supported community events such as the Christian Hospital MLK Celebration, the St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley, NCCU’s MLK Celebration, the Florissant Rotary Charity Auction, the GNCC’s Women’s Empowerment Seminar, and more than 20 others via sponsorship, volunteering and /or marketing efforts.
  • Launched the History and Whiskey Tasting event celebrating Black History Month with partners, the University of Missouri-St. Louis and Uncle Nearest Whiskey.
  • Provided one-on-one customized community tours to help regional and local leaders better understand our community assets, needs, and concerns.

Transportation & Infrastructure

  • Celebrated the completion of the more than decade-long advocacy initiative to have safety, accessibility, and economic viability improved with the $278 million I-270 north reconstruction project.
  • Partnered with the City of Normandy, University of Missouri-St. Louis, MoDOT, Great Rivers Greenway, and other regional providers to bring a $14 million Great Streets project to completion along Natural Bridge, improving safety, access, and aesthetics through the highly traveled North County corridor.

Dr. Elizabeth Gassel Perkins
Campus President & CCAO, St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley
NCI Executive Board Member

Community Crisis Response

  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we helped businesses increase resiliency by providing PPE and hosting webinars for businesses about PPP, grants, and other resources and assistance providers. Several of NCI’s executive leadership and members participated in the St. Louis County CARES Economic Recovery Advisory Group, the development of the Small Business Accelerator Training Program, and the St. Louis Small Business Eco-System Assessment.
  • Took a leadership role in the business recovery efforts after the civil unrest along West Florissant and Florissant Roads, offering outreach and connecting businesses to state and regional resources. In partnership with the Regional Business Council, we created the Reinvest North County Fund, distributing nearly $1 million to aid businesses during the crisis. Additionally, with a US Bank grant, we organized workshops to foster development and growth. We also acted as a liaison for regional leaders and media and partnered with St. Louis County and the United Way to connect businesses and employees with social services.

Jim Usry
Fire Chief, Pattonville Fire District

Our Commitment to Lasting Impact

Kim Bakker
Director, Civic Affairs SSM Health DePaul Hospital

2018 Christian Hospital lobby ribbon cutting.
2018 Christian Hospital lobby ribbon cutting.

NCI is a partner for North County people, businesses, ideas, and resources.

Through collaborative partnerships, NCI finds solutions for the region’s challenges, helping to create a strong North County region where everyone who works and lives can thrive. As a unified voice for the community, we make meaningful business connections and work hard for our entire community. Through our focused initiatives, we can improve North County, and our results impact North St. Louis County and the entire St. Louis region.

As an NCI member, you can help us make a difference. As a member, you gain access to exclusive marketing, community, and business resources, and you can network with other professionals and community leaders. Most importantly, you can be a part of the powerful voice supporting economic and community development initiatives to create a vibrant, stable North St. Louis County community with a lasting impact.

“Through collaborative partnerships, NCI finds solutions for the region’s challenges, helping to create a strong North County region where everyone who works and lives can thrive. As a unified voice for the community, we make meaningful business connections and work hard for our entire community. Our focused initiatives improve North St. Louis County and the entire St. Louis region,”
Rebecca Zoll
NCI President and CEO

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